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The physiotherapy to handle the pain effectively

With 20 years of experience in physiotherapy, we can skillfully select the most appropriate treatment to alleviate pain and allow you to promptly reach your goals. Follow the link below to learn more about physio service.

Our services

The Physio du Parc Advantage

In Longueuil, Meet a physio passionate, experienced and attentive to your owns needs.
A Pleasant Environment

Modern rehabilitation clinic located at ground level with a training area, high end electrotherapy apparatus as well as easy access and parking. Enjoy a physiotherapy clinic in Longueuil with a ideal environment and quality equipment.

20 Years of Expertise

Passionate professionals, advanced techniques that meet the highest Canadian standards, peripheral and vertebrae manipulative therapy certification, evaluation and follow-up by the same physiotherapist in clinic.

Follow-up and Services: Making Your Life Easier

Access to the physiotherapy clinic in Longueuil without medical prescription required, warm and caring approach, insurance claims, communication and follow-up with other professionals, free online physio training programs.

Sports Clinic and Family


At Physio du Parc, our physiotherapy services are offered in our rehabilitation clinic for the people of all ages and of all levels of physical activity. Above all, we are dedicated to your recovery, your wellness, and the achievement of your objectives.

Health Tips

Make an appointment with a physiotherapist

To make an appointment in our Sports clinic and family, get more information or free advice, call ours physiotherapist or fill out the form below.

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