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What is Manual Orthopedic Physiotherapy?

Manual orthopedic physiotherapy is internationally recognized expertise requires several years of postgraduate education and the successful completion of national exams. This evidence-based approach focuses on detailed and specific clinic examination. It assesses and treats conditions related to joints, muscles and nerve tissues. The physiotherapist analyzes motion patterns and uses soft tissue mobilization as well as joint manipulation and mobilization techniques to reduce muscle tension and pain while increasing motion amplitude and function. Teaching personalized exercises and educating patients results in reduced recurrence and actively engages the patient in his rehabilitation process in physiotherapy clinic.

What Is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Pathologies of the vestibular system are characterized by signs and symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, oscillopsia, nystagmus and loss of balance.

One of the frequently treated conditions in physiotherapy is Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV). Techniques such as posterior repositioning (Epley) are usually very effective in rehabilitating this condition. Fnid more in our rehabilitation clinic in Longueuil.

In cases of pathologies (unilateral or bilateral peripherals) such as labyrinthitis, neuronitis or ototoxicity problems, vestibular rehabilitation improves the quality of recovery. Habituation, substitution and balance exercises are then used in physiotherapy clinic. The interdisciplinary approach is a major asset for physio in this type of problem that generates a lot of anxiety among patients with this condition.

What Is mTBI Rehabilitation?

More and more people in sports and in the general population are getting diagnosed with concussions (mild traumatic brain injuries). Early management by an interdisciplinary team in physiotherapy promotes an optimal recovery. Working with the neuropsychologist, the physician and the kinesiologist, the physiotherapist will help determine when aerobic physical activity can be resumed and intensified. The physiotherapist will also evaluate other issues associated with mTBI, such as cervical dysfunction, vestibular disorders, balance and coordination problems, based on the latest internationally recognized scientific knowledge.

Use of Physio-Pharmacist Forms

In 2015, the OPPQ and the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec established a partnership aimed at optimizing first line interventions with the public. Below are links to the communication form between practitioners as well as to the details and framework of the agreement concluded between the two professional bodies.

Download the formDownload the Framework for collaboration

Follow-Up Letter to Doctors

In order to optimize and coordinate interventions with our clients in our sports clinic and rehabilitation in Longueuil, our physiotherapists give patients progress notes for their medical follow-up.

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